Johannes Tassilo Walter and Rebecca Erin Moran

  one, two, three, four, many

Mixed Media Installation with paint and projections


Johannes Tassilo Walter is a artist based in Munich, Germany. He is focusing on an investigation of painting by exploring and defining a balance between motif, technique, format and display in his practice by using classical materials like oil on canvas or indian ink drawings on paper.

Rebecca Erin Moran is an visual artist based in Reykjavik Iceland.  She works in diverse forms such as installation and sculpture. It often examines concepts and techniques of 16mm filmmaking to explore perception, narrative, linear thinking; where time loses the marker of meaning.

They both live and work in Reykjavík.



Steingrimur Eyfjöð

Bein í Skjlar / Bones in a Landslide

Mixed Media Installation with cut out wood,  paint and fabric

In 2005, I drew about 100 drawings of trolls that show the feeling that certain events happened that were supernatural.  It is as if the trolls and dwarfs are directly responsible for landslides and erosion. I chose 16 drawings and created a series that were made into sculptural pieces.  This sculpture is one of the 16 sculptures, and for this particular exhibition I created a larger version. The work as a whole is titled, Bones in a Landslide.  This particular sculpture is called Dýr. 


Steingrímur Eyfjörð is educated at the Icelandic College of Art, Ateneum, Helsinki, Finland and Jan Van Eyck Academie, Maastricht, Holland. He has been publishing books, editor for magazines, freelance illustration and advertising design, academy professor and one of the co-founder of The Living Art Museum in Reykjavík. His career spans four decades of private and group exhibitions around the world, including National Gallery of Iceland, Reykjavík Art Museum, The Living Art Museum, Den Haag Gemeente Museum, Royal College of Art (London), Mücsarnok (Budapest), Centre International d’Art Contemporain (Carros, France), Meilahti Art Museum, (Helsinki), the Henie Onstad Art Center (Oslo) and in the Venice Biennial (Italy). He was nominated for the Carnegie Art Award in 2004 and again in 2006. Momentum 8, 2015




Guðrún Heiður Ísaksdóttir

★★★★★ / Review   November   2015

Mixed Media Installation with cardboard boxes, paint and text


The pale defunct soil embraces rose red pads of dead women. But see the hidden dross of human nature. Foreign men tell me to smile. Neon colored jackets. Icelandic puffins manufactured by slaves from Asia. Pigs with constipation shit bricks on a culture that is magically turning into empty hotels. Complexed architects with
genital problems. Igloos in the scorching desert. Ibiza. Artists sucked dry. A culture marinated in morning piss.

Guðrún Heiður Ísaksdóttir (b.1989) is an visual artist and poet. She graduated from the Iceland Academy of the Arts in 2014. Her main fields of work are installations of waterfalls made out of cement, writing, artistic books and participation performances.

Guðrún lives and works in Reykjavík Iceland.



David Subhi

Stock  August - October    2015

Mixed Media Installation with metal, wood, paint and lights

«STOCK» is a painting-scultpure. A meeting point of different approaches towards painting I developped through my practice. Inspired by the Stockfish drying structures we can meet in Iceland and other nor- thern countries, and after «What you see is what you see» (a squared metallic drying structure, with hun- dreds of fake saussages/real paintings hanging in a serial, uniform style) I decided to hang paintings, re- presentation of meat but not only - in a drying fish structure like. Create with a blend of differencies from Madagascar, France and Iceland, a crossbreeding, a stock. 


David Subhi’s work is an investigation towards the art of painting. He is concerned about its limits, its content, its hierachies, power and relevance. His work displays a large range of approaches in attempt to offer a generous, challenging and vivid art as he consider that «Life are diversity». (...) Far from scattering, his memories, doubts, intuitions, iconography and citations impregnates his work. From «traditional» pain- tings to experimental and out of border formulations, he confronts, establishes dialogues and reconciles formal differences as he succes to find common ground for it. (...) Another of these comon ground is the quest to express a physical and spiritual, body-metaphore of painting. He focuses on the suggestion of the skin (so the matter and surface), the flesh: its beauty and decay (so the inside, the deepness of pain- ting), but also the spirit of it (beyond pure formalism).(...) David Subhi works through abstract paintings, landscapes, portraits, print paintings, glassworks and also scultpures.(...)»

From «What the **** David Subhi is doing?» by JOHN MAXI JONES - 2014

David Subhi, born in 1990 in Madagascar. Lives and Work in Reykjavik.
BA & MA Gratuaded from Villa Arson - Ecole nationale supérieure d’art de Nice - France - 2010 - 2013 David Subhi has already exhibited in Reykjavik, including Tys Galleri and a participation in the Sequences VII OFF-venue festival - 2015.

David lives and works in Reykjavík Iceland. 


Sigurður Ámundason   

 p,mö///lks June- July 2015


Site Specific Mixed Media Installation with large pencil drawings and found rocks..

Sigurður Ámundason is an artist that works with drawings and performance art.

Desperation is something everyone experiences from time to time. Desperation for love, for air, desperation for recognition, to be understood. Success sometimes defeats desperation and way too often pride follows. The underdog is finally victorious, but in return the underdog becomes arrogant and full of him/herself, success can be overwhelming for the ego. The underdog wins the fight but falls for the temptation of narcissism and self-obsession that the spotlight can bring. Does the hero therefore win or does he lose? Is victory a possibility?



Sigurður´s idea of a beautiful drawing is a sort of mix between an epic scaled Renaissance paintings and a detailed illustrated sequence from an 80‘s animated action film. He is influenced by the nature around us and from within. He has created a visual world based upon classical paintings, the beauty of landscape and growing up as an influential child in the golden cartoon era of the 90‘s.

Sigurður Ámundason (b.1986) graduated from the Iceland Academy of the Arts in 2012.  His work has been exhibited in several venues in Iceland, including in Kling og Bang, Kunstschlager, Lost Horse Gallery and in Sequences 2013.

Sigurður lives and works in Reykjavík Iceland




Lukka Sigurðardóttir

Freedom from Inside/Frelsið Innra   May 2015


Site Specific Mixed Media Installation 

 Lukka Sigurðurdóttir´s (b.1980)  work conveys the presence of the freedom that lives within all of us, untouchable and where no one can seeAt times her work touches base in unconventional areas where she sheds light on things most people can relate to but perhaps is forgotten in daily life.

She has worked with time-related media, installations and sculpture. Lukka graduated from the Icelandic Academy of Arts in spring 2014. She is one of 8 members of Algera Studio and recently had her first solo exhibition at Gallery Ekkisens, She has participated in numerous group exhibitions in Iceland and abroad.

Lukka lives and works on Reykjavik, Iceland.


Halla Birkisdóttir

She is baffled by her obligations. /Hún er gáttuð á þeim kröfum sem gerðar eru til hennar.  April 2015

Site Specific Installation. Animation and Mixed Media.

The installation concerns itself with the weird obligations society puts on female appearance and behaviour. 

Halla uses drawing and text as an investigating act, made to explore a number of concerns. Her works are visual stories. She creates fragmented narrative spaces were she manages her food for thought with sincerity. The artist hopes that by giving rise to her notions she can stir up helpful thoughts, feelings or questions in the viewers mind.

Halla is a pictorial storyteller. 


Halla (b. in 1988) studied visual art at the Icelandic Academy of the Arts from which she graduated in 2013. She has taken part in various exhibitions, residencies and other artistic projects since then. She lives and mostly works in Iceland. 



Leifur Ýmir Eyjólfsson

Standard Euro.  March 2015.

Site Specific Mixed Media Installation. Canned tomatoes of Euro Shopper Brand

 Standard Euro Statement: 

Eurozone / inter- European / Euro shopper / Eurotrash / Europop / pro- European / Eurovision / Eurostandards / European rules / Eurodollar / Europe / Eurojackpot / Eurosystem / Euro coins / Eurocouncil / Europolicy / non- European / Eurocrisis / Euro skepticism / Eurosport / Euro- american / Eurocard / Eurobond / Eurocrat / Eurobeach / Eurobank / Eurocreep / Eurodeposit / Euroland / Europena union / European tour / Europeanly / anti- European / Europeanism / European community / un-European / Eurosonic / certified European / European news / European food / European culture / Euro inflation / European regulation / Europris / European market / Standard European


Leifur Ýmir Eyjólfsson (born 1987) graduated with a Bachelor degree from the Icelandic Academy of Fine arts in 2013. With an Erasmus exchange study to Nantes, France. 

His work can be descibed as performative sculptures, instalations, drawings and artist books. Since graduation he has been actively taking part in various group exhibitions and solo shows. Leifur Ýmir lives and works in Reykjavík, Iceland.

Nikulás Stefán Nikulásson

Night.  February 2015.

Site Specific Mixed Media Installation.

„The Night" is a portrait of the friendship between Nikulás and the night, the night that is every mans horrific friend. You got to love to hate him.


Nikulás has quit being a visual artist. Now he says he wants to focus on being nationalistic, through the medium of poetry, rhythm and cinematography. He says he will of course miss the demanding world of visual art and he believes that one day they might meet again. Good luck Nikulás and farewell.

Nikulás graduated from the Reykjavík School of Visual Arts in 2010 and the Icelandic Academy of Arts in 2013. It was a short career as a visual artist because from march 2015 he has become a drummer, poet and filmmaker. 


Claudia Hausfeld

Between Persistence and Cessation.  January 2015.

Site Specific Mixed Media Installation.

 A reccuring image in Claudia´s work is the house. As a symbol for shelter and home, the structure of the hut will be drawn with wood. This structure will contain its own outer layer. What belongs outside will be inside.

The house that is constructed onto the mountain is unfinished. It is partly rock, partly man made structure, oscillating between a building and its opposite. The skin of a house crawls into its own skeleton. The house sucks up what conditions its space. 



Claudia studied photography at the Zürich University of the Arts, Switzerland and received her BFA from the Iceland Academy of the Arts in 2012. She has been an active member in several artist run exhibition spaces in Switzerland, Denmark and Iceland. Claudia focuses on photography as a tool to illustrate and simultaneously deconstruct reality. She uses a variety of mediums to raise questions about the representation of images, the value of objects, memory and the loss of it and our understanding of what we see.




Freyja Eilíf Logadóttir

Deathbed visions / Sýnir á dánarbeði.  December 2104.

Site Specific Mixed Media Installation with sound.

 The installation is the artist's answer to the question of post-mortem existence and dreams.

I use mixed media in search for stories I want to tell through visual imagery. Any random material which intrigues me at a given time is my next story to tell . My aim is to find it´s place within my visual world. When I come to a conclusion, the work is ready, both it´s symbol and title had been found...

Freyja Eilíf graduated with a Bachelor´s Degree from the Visual Arts Department at Iceland Art Academy in 2014. She is the founder and co-editor of the art magazine ´Listvísi-Málgan um myndlist´ and the found/director of  ´Ekkisens´ art space in Reykjavík. She lives and works in Reykjavík.


Snorri Ásmundsson

Framsóknarmaðurinn / The Progressive Party Man.    November 2014

Site Specific Mixed Media Installation

The installation is to remind us that the Progressive Party is possibly the greatest danger the Icelandic nation is facing today.

Snorri Ámundsson is an artist who often seeks to affect society by public events. He has created disturbances in the community with extensive and remarkable performances where he works with social taboos like politics and religion. He has observed the reaction of society that is people´s response when accepted the values are turned upside down. For example, when a powerless individual takes in his hands power that normally is assigned by predetermined rules. However, people react to these grandstand performances of the artist.  He is first and foremost challenging sociological and religious values. He seeks sharp responses and examines the limits of his fellow man as well as his own.


Snorri Ámundsson lives and works in Reykjavík, but also spends a great deal of time out of the country attending art residencies and many art projects he is active in.