Claire Paugam and Raphaël Alexandre

Versatile Uprising January - February 2019

"Versatile Uprising” is a choreography of light and sound within an imaginary landscape, a diorama of an unknown and mysterious world based on lighting structures revealing black and slimy shapes. The viewers are invited to interact with the diorama by moving their hand in front of a sensor placed behind the biggest window as a bridge between fiction and reality."

Claire Paugam is a multidisciplinary artist (born 1991).
After graduating from the MFA program of the Iceland Academy of the Art in 2016, Claire exhibited at the 5th Biennale for Young Art, Moscow. She traveled to another volcanic island, Reunion Island (East coast of Africa) where she was a teacher assistant at the Art Academy.

Claire exhibited her work in various art institutions in France and Iceland. Over the year 2018, the artist presented three artworks at Gerðarsafn for the exhibition Líkamleiki, part of the Iceland Photography Festival ; she exhibited at the national French Biennale for Contemporary Arts of the CRAC of Champi- gny-sur-Marne ; she curated a collective exhibition named SEX SELF at Ekkisens Art Space with two artists (Maria-Carmela Rasso, musician, and Katerina Blahu- tova, designer and architect).

Raphaël Alexandre is a new media artist (born 1984).
With a background in computer science engineering, Raphaël created video games (for Darkworks / Ubisoft companies) and music tools (such as Everyday Looper) for years.Then, he began to explore the possibilities beyond software by combining it with electronic elements and from there dedicated his researches to art projects.
After taking part in two art residencies in Iceland (Reitir and Saga), Raphaël collaborated with 10 other artists on resurrecting an old merry-go-round, with the support of the city of Paris. It is now on tour in Europe.

Raphaël also created a special piece for the annual festival Vetrar Hátið called “Lumikura”, which is an automated light painting photo booth. Amongst others, Raphaël had the pleasure to take a picture of Páll Óskar, which he used as the cover for his single “Ég elska þig til baka”.

Claire and Raphaël both live and work in Reykjavík.

Guðjón Ketilsson

Sögur / Stories November - December 2018

The piece Stories derives from Ketilsons interest in used materials and everyday objects that are packed with peoples stories. People´s clothes play a big part in their everyday life, experiences and circumstances, being somewhat the bodies second skin.   Used Clothing. 178x30x140 cm.  

Two untitled drawings, 2018, carbon- and charcoal on paper, 178x74 cm. (each).

Ketilsson (b. 1956) works mainly with drawing and sculpture. His sculptural work integrates a range of intersecting formal, spatial, material and art historical interests. His study of the human condition is through its primary vehicle, the body. Through its absence, time, memory and history can be explored.

Guðjón studied art at the Icelandic college of Art and Crafts 1974-1978 and graduated from Nova Scotia College of Art and Design in Canada in 1980. He lives and works in Reykjavik.

 Lee Lynch and Þorbjörg Jónsdóttir

Your Friend Jeff 2018 September - October 2018

Nearly 20 years ago when Artist Thorbjorg Jonsdottir was backpacking in South-America she briefly met and conversed with a fellow traveler; an American named "Jeff". Even though the two merely had a brief casual conversation, Jeff was adamant about getting her address and contact info.  What followed was an obsessive one-sided letter writing practice that has been ongoing for nearly two decades, with new letters being delivered every year to the artist. Each letter is the same in content with the few exceptions being the inclusion of the self portrait photo, and the occasional trinkets or gifts (earrings, ice cream shaped eraser, etc). Every letter makes the same proclamations, and always utilizes the full space of the page including the ledgers. A blue ballpoint pen is preferred and when the ink runs out it's replaced mid-sentence with a red one. 

By presenting these works in their entirety, artists Thorbjorg Jonsdottir and Lee Lynch attempt to formally and emotionally explore these feverish texts in hopes of reconciling the writers intense unrequited feelings and wayward longings. In doing so what emerges is not a just a portrait of one man's obsessive behaviours, but rather a portrait on the beauty of obsessiveness, in turn materializing into a formal, hypnotic deluge of one tourists' base desires. 


Þorbjörg Jonsdottir (1979) is a visual artist and experimental filmmaker from Iceland. She graduated with a MFA in filmmaking from the Program in Film &; Video at California Institute of the Arts in 2009 and holds a BA degree in visual arts from the Iceland Academy of Arts. Thorbjorg works primarily in 16mm film, video installation and collage. Her work often deals with the uncanny and the preternatural, and she uses landscapes as a metaphor for entrances to other worlds. Thorbjorg is particularly interested in mythology and folklore where the preternatural and the natural collide.Thorbjorg’s films have screened both in galleries and the film festival circuit, in Europe, Asia and the US.

Raised in Redding, California, Lee Lorenzo Lynch (1980) is a filmmaker as well as a performance and instillation artist. He holds a BFA in experimental Film from California Institute of the Arts and an MFA in Fine Art from the University of Southern California. His films have shown internationally at FIDMarseille, International Film Festival Rotterdam, Full Frame, The Viennale, Tribecca, and Sundance. His second feature length film, The Murder of Hi Good, is a true crime revisionist acid-western set in Northern California circa 1870 against the backdrop of the California Indian Wars. Currently he splits his time between Reykjavik and Los Angeles with his filmmaker wife (Thorbjorg Jonsdottir) and Son.



Nermine El Ansari

Faldir Englar/The Hidden Angels/ الملائكه المختبئه    May  2018


I was in Cairo in the years of what they called the Arab Spring which was, in fact, the Arab destruction. I was watching on the TV screen, the destruction of cities. Cities turning into ruins: in Syria, Libya, Yemen, Tunisia, Egypt, and before that time in Iraq. 

At the same time, I was watching people crawling villages and looking for accommodation in the Capital, Cairo. Failing on finding a shelter or getting a governmental response, people will sit in a piece of agricultural land and start to make red bricks from the clay of farming earth and build small houses where they would live.  While I saw the joy in the thrill of creating a brick-tile industry and building houses, I saw the brutal demolition; entire cities turned into ruins, ending all lives, transformed into Ghost Cities.

I was intrigued by the idea of making these houses that on one hand are very similar to ruins and on the other hand look like the houses of those who build in order to live.

 Nermine’s works range from painting, drawing, animation, printmaking, installation and digital live drawing performance. Her earlier pieces were primarily concerned with the body in human and beast form, often presenting a distorted view of her subjects and exploring a series of dualities and inversions. Over the last ten years, she has focused on cities, borders, territories and mapping, both real and imagined, exploring the binaries provoked by the urban landscape. 

Nermine El Ansari (1975, France) lives and works as a visual artist in Cairo and Reykjavik. In 1998 she received her painting diploma from the School of Fine Arts in Versailles. In 2002, she graduated from Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux Arts (ENSBA) of Paris in multimedia. In 2002, she studied at the Instituto Superior de Arte (ISA) in Havana. Her work has been presented in various exhibitions in Egypt and abroad.


Nermine  lives and works in Reykjavík.



Davíð Örn Halldórsson

Léttifeti (harðkjarnabaun) Lightfoot (hard core bean).       March - April  2018

Davíð’s flirting with the figurative is in effect a tantalizing strobe light on a fleeting, ambiguous scene. In this installation for Window Gallery he takes a step or two closer towards realism. We still have his omnipresent colours, his boundless lines and meticulous application, but this time around it all takes a distinct form, more easily recognizable as an interpretation of the common world around us.  We are on the seabed, and there is no denying it, Spongebob Squarepants is there unaltered in all his glory. Good job.

Halldórsson’s works are often based on events of the daily life; a personal processing of his surroundings, carried out in a visual language, with direct and indirect references to Art History. His background in printing is as well evident in his works; it is the material ground on which the artist builds his practice on.

Davíð Örn Halldórsson lives and works in Reykjavík.




Margrét Sesseljudóttir

 Suður-Foss.       January - February  2018

 I work with sculptures and performances. I am interested in the atmosphere in the spaces people have lived in and the sense of feeling that something has happened there, but we have forgotten all about it. 

Margrét Sesseljudóttir is an artist who lives and works in Reykjavík



Guðrún Benónýsdóttir

The world must be romanticised        November - December  2017

Neo romanticism in visual poetry


My book of travel and inspiration:  “A Colour Atlas of Rocks and Minerals in Thin Section“ 

Metamorphic rocks and minerals:  

Garnet cordierite sillimanite gneiss with crossed polars. Locality: Fort Dauphin, S. Madagascar. 

Dolomitic limestone in plane-polarised light. Locality: Jurassic, Greece

Basalt, crossed polars. Locality: Hawaii. 

Serpentinite in plane-polarised light. Locality: Lizard Head, Cornwall, England.

(Ref. from” A Colour Atlas of Rocks and Minerals in Thin Section“.  W.S. MacKenzie and A.E. Adams).

Places: Genius loci 

Rolled up black Rosco foil has been painted on one side. The painting takes image of details in nature in a continuous experience throughout the roll with only some divisions of colours and forms. Few sheets of the painting have been torn off and are lying out in the exhibition space. 

Guðrún is an visual artist based in Berlin/Reykjavik.  She received B.A. diploma from the Academy of Fine Arts in Oslo (2000). She graduated from the Icelandic Academy of the Arts 2014 with M.Art.Ed degree in art-teaching and been teaching since then mainly art book and multiple related.

Guðrún is a founder and owner of the art book publication ´Uns’ plural for one  (2015).Uns´s primary role is to lay a foundation for artists to produce artwork within the frame of the publication and the printed form. Guðrún was earlier a co-founder of Útúrdúr, an artist publishing company and book store in Reykjavik and one of the founders of Gallery Kling&Bang. In her art she reflects on the issues of contemporary art with reversion to the past; The poetical, enchantments, imagery, experience and aesthetics. Her artwork sometimes consist of involvements as recreating fading experiences or passing moments in attempt to grasp those moments to be materialised.


Olga Bergmann

Og þá... And then...  September -  October 2017

“All life on earth is like a huge body or organism, "says Olga Bergmann, pointing out how restrictive it is to apply only a classification system and reasoning to understand this 

organism. In order to understand how the world hangs together, we need the 

imagination. We need to expand the boundaries of the possible, explore the senses as well as language, and both ask questions and create works that show us how to perceive and understand in a different way than within the framework of the accepted. “

(excerpt from an essay by Sigrún Alba Sigurðardóttir 2016)


Olga Bergmann (b.1967) lives and works in Reykjavik .  She graduated from The Icelandic College of Art and Crafts in 1991 and received her MFA degree in studio arts from The California College of Arts and Craft in 1995.  

Olga works in a variety of media - sculpture, video, collages and drawing.  

Her work often deals with biology, classifications, landscape and ecological systems - real and imagined. 


Rakel Gunnarsdóttir

Mutations of Altered Tongue.  July - August 2017

Mutations of Altered Tongue is the working title of my last two years.  I´ve been a student and following the holy rules of the church of education there is no light shining through the window´s to the bottom of my heart.  Fractured demands boxed up in the vocabulary of letters dictating the way to Mars make me want to rebel against being a human.  

Rakel Gunnarsdóttirs (b.1980) art dwells in the flesh.  She´s a painter that loves to work with collage.  As well she enjoys the fast-paced internet, allowing her mind to wander in the moment and then finish that thought as quickly as it appears, with a simple enter.  It is a fairytale whereas life outside her mind cuts through her skin and leaves her vulnerable.  Working with antiques made a mark and today objects of design exscape her hand.    

Rakel completed her studies in fine art at the Icelandic Academy of the arts in 2004 and today she is putting her finale touch on her master thesis in art education focusing on posthumanism and educational research.  

Rakel Gunnarsdóttir lives and works in Reykjavík, Iceland.



Eygló Harðardóttir    

Making Sense May- June 2017

The artwork Making Sense is made with the exhibition space in mind, and deals with three-dimensional painting. Through material experiments and research with paper and color, the works have developed into layered paintings and patched-up sculptures. They do not give concrete results, but hint at possibilities. They speak perception and tactility, rather than facts and logic. 

 For Eygló Harðardóttir there is an attention to the ways in which colour functions and affects the perception of an object. Her choices of material and construction approaches give the objects a particular immediacy. In a sense the work displays something of the notion of bricolgae, that is using materials that are to hand for efficiency of articulation. As such the work can be seen to appear as propositional, as a possible states of existence, rather than an ideal one. In respect to Eyborg’s paintings, these rough forms appear to question the possibility of the former’s objectivism.

Eygló lives and works in Reykjavík, Iceland.

More information on Eygló’s works:


Anna Hallin

 Lost and Found    March - April 2017

Anna Hallin, born in Sweden in 1965, has lived in Reykjavík since 2001. Anna holds master’s degrees in ceramic arts from the University of Gothenburg in Sweden, and in fine arts from Mills College in Oakland, California. During her career Anna has shown her work extensively both in Iceland and abroad, Anna is currently taking part in an exhibition in the LA Art Museum in Hveragerði called Nautn/Conspiracy of Pleasure that is open until March 26. 2017.

For some years Anna has pursued her art in collaboration with her wife, artist Olga Bergmann, under the name Berghall. A recent project is site specific artwork for a new high security prison outside Reykjavik in Iceland

Anna & Olga are currently working on a site-specific piece for the Momentum 9 biennale in Norway that opens in June 2017

Katrín Inga Jónsdóttir Hjördisardóttir

Three Part Performance Series: Presence; The Oracle, The Consultant, and The Masseuse.

February  2017

Part Three:  "The Massesuse, Friction in Art"

Katrin Inga Jónsdóttir Hjördísardóttir will present The Masseuse, Friction of Art through the intimate service of the foot massage. Katrin explores the friction between the viewer and the performer through this intimate exchange of giving and receiving. She aims to relay the sincerity with which art is working in service to society. Art can be as intimate and sincere as a foot massage, although she shows us blatantly how so. The foot massage is a metaphor for what artists do on other levels, carrying on the knowledge of teaching intimate presence.

Katrín Inga Jónsdóttir Hjördísardóttir´s subjects often include the social and political landscape and ecology of the art environment, which she funnels into her practice in unusual and personal ways, through various methods and mediums, such as writing, performance, drawing, sculpture making among other forms. Katrín Inga Jónsdóttir Hjördísardóttir (b.1982 in Iceland) has MFA degree in Fine Arts from School of Visual Arts in New York (2014) and she is a Fulbright Grantee (2012). Katrin has BA in art theory from the University of Iceland (2012) and BFA in fine art from the Iceland Academy of the Arts (2008). Katrin was awarded the Dungal Art Fund award (2012) and received the Gudmunda Andresdottir scholarship (2013).



Ásta Fanney Sigurðardóttir 

Three Part Performance Series: Presence; The Oracle, The Consultant, and The Masseuse.

January  2017

Part Two:  "The Consultant"

The Consultant, embodied by Ásta Fanney Sigurðardóttir, will provide services through her window office in the bureau of internal affairs. The office will work as a structure of Zolta, the consultant that takes on a role of a detective in forming an investigation of the mystery in an exchange of words through which the intangible world can reach the mundane. It is through structures such as offices that the officiality of transactions goes unquestioned. What mystery may be that we may never know until we make an appointment at her office. An omnipresence who sees and knows all, she explores the contexts of situations client by client.

Ásta Fanney Sigurðardóttir is a multidisciplinary artist, poet and musician. Her work often involves performance and live setting. She explores the fringes between artforms and the edges of the definitions that are there, the set up of an artwork, the audience and the presentation of things. Ásta graduated from Iceland Art Academy with a degree in fine arts, and has had her work exhibited in a number of solo and group exhibitions as well as performing internationally at poetry, art and music festivals.



Ásdís Sif Gunnarsdóttir 

   January  2017

Three Part Performance Series: Presence; The Oracle, The Consultant, and The Masseuse.

Part One: "Madame Lilith, The Oracle"

The Oracle brings information about infinite presence with the help of tools to carry the information. When the Oracle is not present in body, she will be present through video. In Ásdís’ previous incarnations of performance she has used video to explore perception and the projection of the poetic imagination onto objective representations. In collaboration with artist, Kathy Clark, the Oracle arrives in this dimension by way of set and setting. Through infinite presence, we see how different layers of mediation are played out in reality.

Ásdís Sif Gunnarsdóttir (b. 1976) graduated from the School of Visual Arts, New York in 2000 with a BFA with honors in Fine Arts; she received her MA in New Genres from the University of California, Los Angeles in 2004. Transformation, disguise and play are essential elements of her work, as are references to ceremony and rituals. In her performances Ásdís has employed a theme of destruction, crushing glitter balls under high heels and smashing dishes while reciting texts and dressing up in various costumes. Ornate and spectacular motifs—such as fireworks, Christmas decorations and other frills—are distinctive features in Ásdís’s work.


Linn Björklund

The Shell   September - October 2016

Site Specific Installation

Clothes, domestic clutter and textiles make of the walls of the shell; whoever its inhabitant is, they have everything without having almost anything.

The work deals with belonging and growing roots. Furthermore, it deals with the state of temporary - being able to leave at any point. It is a habitable volume that offers a retreat from the world but also a way to be closer to the surrounding environment.   

The shell is the everyday compressed, a poetic proposal and an architectural turnaround. 

Linn Björklund (b.1985 )lives a visual artist who is based in Reykjavík, Iceland. She works in diverse mediums, although usually with installation and sculpture. She graduated with a MA degree from the Icelandic Academy of Art in 2015.


Christopher Hickey

Morpho-logic July- August 2016

Site Specific Installation. 

Morpho-logic is a site specific installation combining elements of sculpture, illustration and audio composition. We are the poets and shape shifters of tomorrow. We are the lovers and loners yearning for silver linings and brighter horizons for future generations.  Morpho-logic is an ideal by which we reclaim our rightful permissions to dream, elevating us into a colour world far above a land or conflict, anxiety and division. As the ´self´or as a ´nation´ we patiently exist beneath a smothering blanket of lies, expectations and unnecessary pressures. But this blanket has holes through which we will rise above. A time for crisis and a time for breakthrough is upon us. Two clouds and one storm, but better weather is on the way!

Born in Melbourne, Australia, Christopher Hickey explores a broad range of mediums from textiles to illustration, photography, sound sculpture and multimedia installation. His ongoing work with a self developed painting process utilizes colour photographic paper and edible dyes, associating elements and expressions from his earlier career as a chef in Australia. Christopher has completed his studies in both Social Sciences at RMIT University and Visual Art & New Media at Swinburne University in Melbourne.

Christopher lives and works in Reykjavík, Iceland



Haraldur Jónsson

SPECIAL OFFER  May - June 2016

Site Specific Installation.


Special Offer is inspired by the actual surroundings of the Wind and Weather Window Gallery. 
A window is an opening, a glimpse into the other side. The nature of attention appears in the gap between a tourist and all the enveloping attractions. A strip-tease of an absent body. The gaze of the viewer is reflected in the glass, immediately bouncing back. As she/he drifts further along the sensory blanket through the alluring maze of the capital. There is some serious playfulness in the air. The entrance is never the same as the exit.

Haraldur Jónsson is a sculptor who works in different matters and media. The physical and the performative element is always present in his work. He graduated from the Icelandic College of Arts and Crafts in 1987 and from Düsseldorf Art Academy in West-Germany in 1990. In 1991 - 1992. He was a stipendiat at the Institut des Hautes Etudes en Arts Plastiques in Paris, France.

 Haraldur lives and works in Reykjavík Iceland.


Úlfur Karlsson

Ígræðsla/ Implant  March - April  2016

Site Specific Painting.


There are several gaps, for instance there are dental gaps, gaps in time, artistic movements, politics and street views. We try to fill those gaps, sometimes, with words, sometimes with bricks and sometimes we implant dead material on living flesh.

Are we living on the brink of a new reality? Not moving forward as we have done until now, but backwards, to the isolated atmosphere of the past, closing our doors and our minds.

Úlfur Karlsson (b. 1988) began his artistic practice as an experimental filmmaker and later found a passion for painting while studying at the Academy of Arts in Gothenburg (Valand), where he graduated in 2012. His paintings are built with layers of stories and events that evolve into a world that is derived from both fictions and real life affairs. Úlfur lives and works in Iceland and his work have been shown in Sweden, Denmark, Berlin, Greece and in Iceland.              

´Ulfur lives and works in Reykjavík Iceland.


Halldór Ragnarsson

Svona sirka nákvæmlega svona / Kind of exactly like this   January-February 2016'

Site Specific Mixed Media Installation with text, paper and wood.

"Diaries are my sketchbooks. All my sketches are words and sentences. I sketch mistakes and victories, among other things".

Halldór Ragnarsson (b. 1981) graduated with M.A. degree from the Icelandic Academy of the Arts in 2014 after receiving his bachelor degree from the same school in 2007. This exhibition is his sixth solo show. Halldór have also taken part in numerous group exhibition here in Iceland and abroad.


Halldór lives and work in Reykjavík Iceland. 

Myrra Leifsdóttir

Analysis / Greining    November-December 2015

Site Specific Mixed Media Installation with drawings.

Myrra seeks to reach a state in her work process, which allows her to think out loud through her hands, leaving the intellect behind. She uses direct mediums such as drawing and allows the work to lead her forward. The subjects are sought in physical memory, existentialism and the flesh as a higher being. The work addresses the human condition, animality, and humanity, civilization and nature which often becomes a memento mori with visual symphonies as a tribute to life. 

Myra Leifsdóttir (b. 1981) graduated with a BFA from the Icelandic Academy of the Arts 2015 and is currently attending the MFA Program from the same institution. She has a background in film and theatre.

She lives and work in Reykjavík Iceland.

Serge Comte

Popo & Co    September- October 2015

Site Specific Mixed Media Installation using Lego blocks

Sometimes in couples, sometimes with different animals, mainly alone, the man in the window multiplied himself in a computer since 1992, with Lego Bricks since 1999. Half-naked, three-headed or unsuccessful magician, Serge Comte is always about to do new tricks to escape reallity. A bunch of ego with Lego i the window!

Serge is often accused of Multiple Personality Disorder, but this is not true. He just plays with all kind of materials like Post-it notes, Hama plastic beads, printed Kleenex, colored stickers, only for the pleasure to create a world full of imaginary friends and enemies in she sandbox of life.

Serge Comte studied art 5 years in the Art school in Grenoble, France, from 1990 to 1995. 

He lives and work in Reykjavík Iceland.


Ólöf Helga Helgadóttir

Sturtan/ The Shower July-August 2015

Site Specific Mixed Media Installation using paper, paint and wood


 Á skákborði sterner rignir kóngum/  On the chessboard a shower of kings rain

Ólöf´s work crosses over two dimensional and three dimensional, performance and video art.

Ólöf graduated from the Iceland Academy of the Arts in 2005 and the Slade School of Fine Art in 2010. 
She lives and work in Reykjavík Iceland. 



Ragnhildur Jóhnanns

Samansafn/Collection      May-June 2015

Site Specific Mixed Media Installation


Ragnhildur Jóhanns (b.1977) works with language, text and performance and seeks to create poetic objects, collages, drawing or print making to name a few. Jóhanns works books and poetry into most of her work. she is a sculptural, visual and physical poet, unhindered by convention. She works with text, with performance but seeks to create poetic objects, pure concrete poems, that is literally fashioning books out of her work and embodying the text.


Ragnhildur Jóhanns graduated from the Icelandic Art Academy in 2010. She has exhibited in numerous exhibitions in Iceland and internationally. Jóhanns has been involved in various creative projects such as exhibitions, readings and publishing.






Let´s Go!      March-April 2015

Site Specific Mixed Media Installation

Amundi studied Design and Communications at OCA; Ontario Collage of Art in Toronto 1990-'92


Amy Tavern

In Between.    January-February 2015

Site Specific Mixed Media Installation

In Between explores transition through ideas of memory, choice, and place. Transition, or the ‘in between,’ requires patience and contemplation. We often make decisions using observation, logic, instinct, intuition, and collective experience to guide ourselves. Nine necklaces composed of handmade, found, and altered objects, form a group of decision-making tools based on the five traditional and four combined senses. These senses are the basic tools of observation and perception, problem-solving, and choice. One thousand unique paper bows that reference countless memories are suspended above the necklaces in a careful arrangement. The accumulation of these memories forms the foundation of intuition and instinct, complicated by the emotions associated with each experience. Together, the necklaces and bows provide a balanced approach to navigating transitions. 


1000 unique paper bows, monofilament
Tools for Making Decisions (from left to right):


brass, vintage bifocal lens


brass, vintage dividers


brass, glass test tubes with corks. Inside each test tube are samples that represent the 10 categories of all scents: Lemon – dried lemon rind
Pungent – garlic granules
Fragrant - dried lavender flowers

Fruity (non-citrus) - dried blueberries Sweet - vanilla bean
Minty – dried mint leaf
Chemical - Comet cleanser Decayed - dirt and rotting leaves Popcorn - popcorn

Woody - oak tree bark


brass spoon


brass, vintage water thermometer with case


brass, vintage leather glovers with the tips of the index finger and thumb removed

brass ear trumpet

brass, vintage level

brass, Dolorimeter (a device for measuring pain threshold) 


Amy Tavern is an artist from the United States. Her work is based on memory and, although autobiographical, refers to shared experience and universal themes. Amy has exhibited nationally and internationally with solo shows in the US, Belgium and Sweden. She has taught and lectured across the US and in Europe and her work as a metalsmith has been included in numerous publications, most notably, the cover of Metalsmith Magazine. Through the creation of objects and spaces, Amy strives to make the fleeting more permanent, preserving her memories and connecting with her audience. She has lived in Iceland spending periods of time attending several art residencies.



Auður Ómarsdóttir

Enter. Space.     November-December 2014

Site Specific Mixed Media Installation

Those two buttons; enter and space. Both make space. Enter gives you an invisible pass into another realm or a leap down as far as possible. Space gives you an invisible room that keeps words apart from each other. 

We enter spaces all day, with our bodies and in our minds. Both visible and invisible ones. The spaces are as endless as Space itself. What if what we see with our eyes is just a small part of what really is? We already know of multiple different frequencies that are not visible to the eye. In my mind there are trillions of spaces and frequencies, fluctuating all around, all the time. I like to create spaces that transcend through different realms that give the mundane a free pass into one of those invisible spaces. 

Auður Ómarsdóttir (b.1988) graduated from the Reykjavík School of Visual Arts in 2010 and the Icelandic Academy of Arts in 2013.


Dóra Hrund Gísladóttir

Point of View      October 2014

Site Specific Mixed Media Installation

You look in. The room looks out. You see yourself and then you see yourself looking at yourself. You reflect in the work while reflecting in your surroundings. The work reflects you while reflecting in you. 

The window of the gallery is a little box where passers by normally stop to look in. The installation is an attempt to draw the focus in the opposite direction, where the gallery itself is looking out and the viewer himself becomes the focus point. 

Dóra Hrund Gísladóttir (b.1989) graduated from the Iceland Academy of the Arts in 2012. Since then she has divided her time between Reykjavík and Berlin, working mainly on site specific artworks in different mediums along with video art and filmmaking. Since 2012 she has been an active member of Festisvall, an artist collective focusing on collaboration between artists from Iceland and Germany. 


Sigga Björg Sigurðardóttir

Alex      July - September 2014

Installation /  Mixed Media with Sculpture, Drawing and Video. Dimensions variable.

"My work is about what happens when someone does something to somebody or something happens to someone but sometimes someone is simply doing something or thinking something else, I like to create a situation between characters that look like people or animals but do not have to be either. They simply exist to demonstrate a situation or a state of mind".

Sigga Björg Sigurðardóttir ( born in Reykjavík, Iceland 1977) lives and works between Reykjavík and Glasgow. Sigga graduated with an MFA from the Glasgow School of Art in 2004. Since then she has been actively working and exhibiting around the world. Sigga works mainly with drawing, animation and installation. Selected solo exhibitions include Yancey Richardson Gallery, NY, Clark Galerie, Montréal , Kling and Bang Gallerí, Reykjavík and Galerie Adler, Frankfurt, with selected group exhibitions including The Centre For Contemporary Art, Glasgow, Reykjavík Art Museum,Hafnarhús, Gothenburg Art Museum, Sweden, and her work is in international collections including the Zabludowicz Art Trust, London, Kunsthaus Zurich, Switzerland and Reykjavík Art Museum.



Ragnheiður Káradóttir

Still life?  May - June 2014

Installation / Sculpture: Mixed media. Dimensions variable

Still life? is a carefully arranged group of objects.

It is a poignant, quixotic tale of life, love and the afterlife.

A work of art depicting mostly inanimate subject matter.


Ragnheiður’s artwork is about other worlds and dimensions. It takes form in sculptures and installations, using materials such as wood, clay, fur and fabric. She looks at her work as a dialog between infinite subconscious states; a non verbal communication between herself and another.

Ragnheiður Káradóttir (born 1984) is an icelandic artist currently living and working in Reykjavík. She graduated from Iceland Academy of the Arts in 2010 with a BA in fine arts. Ragnheiður has co-directed two artist run exhibition spaces in Reykjavík, Gallerí Íbíza Bunker and Gallerí Klósett. She is currently on the alternate board of The Living Art Museum and this fall she will be starting the MFA Fine Arts program at the  School of Visual Arts in New York.



Guðlaug Mia Eyþórsdóttir


Street Performance   March-April 2014

Material/ Dimensions: Mixed Media installation, paint, sculpture and live performance event. Dimensions variable.

In the exhibition a creature performs hypnotizing dance moves along with objects for pedestrians. In this soothing movements the objects together play out an illusional act for visitors, who can soak up the act made especially for the street. 

Her works are often a magical take on the everyday, giving materials an altered context by combining them in new ways. 

Guðlaug Mía Eyþórsdóttir graduated from the Icelandic Academy of Arts in 2012 and is one of the founders of Kunstschlager Gallery in Reykjavík. 


Ásta Fanney

Spann Sinnep Silkidrangi   January- February 2014

Material/ Dimensions: Dimensions variable.

Mixed Media installation, paint, sculpure, video, sound and live performance event.

This exhibition is an assemblage of different media, the composition is in itself a conversation between texture and colours, the cyber and the organic. What happens when silence is touched by a whisper? Where in the body do people keep their secrets? What goes on in your head the moment you realise the beauty of music and poetry of a refrigerator?

Ásta Fanney Sigurðardóttir graduated from the Icelandic Academy of Arts 2012. Last year she had a solo exhibition in Kunstschlager Art space and published a poetry book, she will have a poetry performance at the opening. 


Steinunn Haðardóttir

 Demantanáman- Diamond Mine November - December 2013

Material/ Dimensions: Dimensions variable.

Mixed Media installation, lights and Hi FI sound.

Storytelling artwork (without a story) about difficult conditions in the diamond mine.

This is a still image from a story I have had in my mind for a long time. The story is not on display, but is irrelevant , and it is only a fragment which is seen through the window gallery: "An animal working hard on getting a diamond, but does not seem to really want it or be happy about it." The things that are not seen is what matters.  Hopefully, there will be some questions that arise in the viewer´s mind as they are walking by.  The story can have infinite possibilities, and I am very interested in that.

I have been thinking about this idea for the past two years and now it is fully realised. I could not ask for a more perfect opportunity, specially because of the strange coincidence that is happening in front of the gallery. There is heavy construction going on right in front of the house that looks like a part of the art work. 

Steinunn Eldflaug Harðardóttir graduated with BA from the visual art department of LHÍ 2011. Since then she have taken part in many exhibitions and her first solo exhibition was in Kunstschalger Gallery. October 26th to November 6th 2013.

 Steinunn has also been active in Reykjavík´s music scene as dj. flugvél og geimskip, in Skelkur í bringu and Sparkle Poison. 

She uses different forms of art: painting, video, sculpture and music.


Rebekka Erin Moran

Das ist keine Adidas    September-October2013

 Material/ Dimensions:  Variable

adidas jacket, plaster, freedom leg bag, urine.

Moran's work delves into the subjective approach to the everyday. It's a search for the point where the clash of opposites creates its own form of coherency, whether it is in the form of visual paradox or thematic antonym.  Her new work is inspired by a familiar logo, a moment of daily life frozen in time.

Rebecca studied at Lístaháskóli Íslands | Diplome, Art Education and also received a Bachelor´s Degree in Fine Art at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. 

 She lives and works in Reykjavík Iceland. 



Claudia Hausfeld

A Self Portrait    June-August 2013

Material/ Dimensions: Inkjet print on paper, 110x170 cm

Houses are a reoccuring theme in my work. A house is more than just a structure, it can be alive, it can have a character. I see a house as a body that hosts stories.

The building that houses the window gallery is renovated. It looks new without really being new. The fresh green paint disguises its age, like make up. The front is the face of the house. The windows are its eyes. 

One day this house will disintegrate. It will slide towards an organic shape. Maybe through time, through wind and weather, maybe through an ever lingering disaster. It will outlive us, even in its ruins. The installation is a futuristic portrait of the house in itself, a self portrait.


Claudia received a B.A. Fine Arts, Art Academy Iceland (LHÍ) and

Prediploma photography, Studiengang Fotografie, Academy of the Arts Zürich, Switzerland (zhdk)  

She lives and works in Reykjavík Iceland. 



Kathy Clark

Ode To The Sewing Machine  May 2013

A mixed Media Installation with sound effects outside window gallery.

This work is a portrait of an industrious women who with a sewing machine, was able to support and provide for her two daughters. I combine fabric, thread and found objects with text to tell a story through my child´s eye, while using toy objects that express and symbolise my childhood observations. It might be somewhat disturbing as thumbs hang from the piece with needles pierced through them. Believe it or not, this was true to life, although part of the intention in the work is one of fantasy and seems like a pretend play. But in reality, there are underlying circumstances that retain inner drama and emotional ties.  Perhaps the viewer can draw from their own childhood experience an object that may hold a deeper meaning. This art piece symbolises my mother with gratitude.  

 What Do You Ponder Deeply? March- April 2013

A mixed media installation with sound effects and bird feeder outside the window gallery.

My aim is to spark interconnections with other worldly beings that come into our world that might stand at odds with real life and fantasy. My intention is to explore the deeper meanings of transformation from the physical form and perhaps seeing us as part human, part beast, or part of a primal nature that is within all of us. Is this a messenger, a protector or a sentient that holds a space for those who believe in something greater then ourselves? Attraction to this primal energy brings more life forms into play that honor and sets a hierarchy of spiritual importance. 

I use text, symbolism and mix media to question and evoke new awakenings of one´s personal inspiration. To me, the ever-seeking existential quest reflected in my work poses many questions, while simultaneously bringing me and perhaps the viewer back into the physical world. I try to reflect and allow for self-contemplation that can symbolise my own journey in the balance between the world of the self, fantasy, nature and daily life.

Kathy has a Bachelor´s Degree in Art from San Diego State University and a Master´s Degree in Fine Art from San Francisco Art Intstitute in California, USA.

She lives and works in Reykjavík Iceland.